Audubon Field Organizers Confront Global Warming Challenge

National Audubon Society's global warming organizing team has grown. To harness Audubon's strength, Jill DeWitt in Missouri and Amy Cilimburg in Montana have come on board as Audubon staff. Each already has a full schedule of outreach for the fall. 

Amy and Jill will be meeting with Chapters throughout their respective states to inspire activism and build capacity to address global warming. They will be educating activists about global warming's impacts in their states, legislation, and solutions; adding Audubon's voice to state-based environmental coalition work; and reaching out to other allies, such as health, agriculture, academic, and business constituencies. They will also be doing outreach to media. Montana Audubon will offer a training workshop on global warming issues and action for western Audubon Chapters on November 3 in Missoula. Please be on the look-out for announcements about other upcoming trainings, including workshops in Ohio and Missouri. 

Both Jill and Amy come to Audubon with years of experience and commitment to Audubon's mission. Prior to joining Audubon's staff, Jill helped organize successful opposition to proposed coal-burning power plants in Kansas City, Missouri. She became active in Audubon conservation issues in the 1980s and is currently the president of Burroughs Audubon Society. Jill also serves as environmental representative to the Mid-America Regional Council's Air Quality Forum.

In addition to her activities for Montana Audubon, Amy works for the Avian Science Center with the University of Montana, where she is coordinator for their Landbird Monitoring Program. Both Amy and Jill have attended Audubon's global warming advocacy trainings at the Washington, DC policy office and have spent time in the halls of Congress educating their Representatives and Senators on global warming legislation. 

Amy and Jill will build on the foundation for global warming organizing advocacy laid by Audubon California's Chapter Coordinator Claudia Eyzaguirre, Audubon Minnesota's Policy Director Susan Solterman, Audubon New York's Grass Roots Coordinator Laura McCarthy, Audubon Ohio's Grassroots Coordinator Marnie Urso, Audubon of Florida's Chapter Coordinator Jacqui Sulek and Audubon Washington's Chapter Government Relations Coordinator Lisa Paribello. 

Audubon will be working on global warming issues in many venues throughout the fall. The theme of the 2007 Audubon California Assembly is global warming and wildlife, and both the Audubon of New York Council meeting and the Upper Midwest Regional Audubon Conference in Minnesota will feature sessions on global warming advocacy. Audubon of Florida's 2007 Assembly will include an event to mark November 3, National Day of Climate Action, part of the Step It Up 2007 campaign. Step It Up 2007, a citizen's movement demanding that the U.S. government address global warming, is organizing actions throughout the country on November 3. Visit to fi nd an event near you, or plan one yourself.

Contact Audubon National Outreach Coordinator
Karen Orenstein,,
if you would like help planning an event in your community.