According to Audubon's Chapter Policy, all National members who reside in a Chapter territory are assigned to their respective Chapter; a Chapter serves members throughout its territory:

"A Chapter is an organization of Audubon members that is chartered and annually re-certified by National to function in a designated geographic area. A Chapter territory consists of postal ZIP codes that are assigned by National in consultation with the Chapter and its State Office. It is the general intent to assign a geographical area so that members who live within it can easily attend meetings and take part in Chapter activities, and in general become part of a local Audubon community."

Member recruitment and assignment

National Members are recruited through a variety of methods by different entities, including National Departments and Programs, State Programs, Centers and Sanctuaries, and Chapters. If a National entity recruits the member, they are automatically assigned to the Chapter (if one is available) that serves the member's ZIP code. When Audubon receives a membership form for a Chapter-recruited member (the form needs to include the Chapter's 8-digit Membership Recruitment Code), that member is assigned to the recruiting Chapter--regardless of the member's ZIP code and Audubon will pay the chapter 100% of the member's initial donation. At any time, an Audubon member can request to be affiliated with a Chapter of their choice (call Membership Customer Service at 800-274-4201), whether or not the member lives in that Chapter's ZIP code. This can be helpful if a member moves away from a favored Chapter's service area but still wishes to keep up with that Chapter's activities. The member will be "hard-coded" or permanently assigned to the chosen Chapter unless the member makes another request in the future to change their Chapter affiliation.

Membership benefits & welcome

National Audubon Society membership benefits are listed here. Each Chapter determines any additional benefits and services--particularly those that incur a cost to the Chapter.  Some Chapters send out membership cards and work with local businesses to offer discounts to card-carrying members. Be creative in supplying extra incentives!

All members should be welcomed to Chapter member meetings and offered the opportunity to participate in activities. Reaching out to new members through a welcome letter or personal invitation to the next Chapter activity may encourage them get them involved early on. It is also nice to acknowledge new members in the Chapter newsletter. When new members arrive at a meeting, field trip or event, make sure to greet them warmly and find out something about them. Introduce them to the rest of the group, ask them for their email address (if you don't already have it), and before they leave, let them know it was nice to meet them and that you hope to see them at the next activity (have a flier with the date/time handy). Once you begin to build a relationship with members, you can ask them to volunteer, donate, take action, and bring their friends along.

Using the Chapter Reporting System

Audubon provides Chapters access to the list of national members residing in their Chapter territories through a Web application called the Chapter Reporting System (CRS)*. Through the CRS, Chapter leaders may access:

  1. Membership Records, including current and archived membership Rosters and Change Reports (the latter showing changes to the membership that have occurred since the previous month's roster); printable Mailing Labels for the current membership roster. These files are posted by C.O.B. on the third business day following the end of the month.
  2. Membership Incentive Payment Reports; posted quarterly, in the month following the close of the quarter (i.e., April, July, October, January); shows the amount and date paid by new Chapter-recruited members.
  3. Chapter Annual Report forms and archived reports
  4. The Member Lookup feature is not in the CRS but is located here (search for members by their ACS/member ID, or email address, mailing address, and ZIP code).

Please browse the links below for further information. If you have questions on using the CRS, please contact Chapter Services at 800-542-2748. If you have questions about--or corrections to--specific membership records, please send them to Member Services along with the members' names and ACS/member IDs.

Click to download a video tutorial on using the Chapter Reporting System.

* The CRS is a password-protected website that is separate from the publicly-accessible website. If you don't already have a CRS account--or if you're not sure whether you have one--contact Chapter Services. (Note: the CRS user database is separate from the Chapter leader database that is updated by Chapter Services through receipt of your Chapter Leader Report. Therefore, in order to access or be removed from access to the CRS, you must make a direct request to Chapter Services. When doing so, please indicate your 3-digit Chapter code or Chapter name and role in the Chapter, e.g., President, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor.)

Register for an account

If you don't yet have a Chapter Reporting System account, please contact Chapter Services with your name, Chapter afilliation and role, and email address with a request to set up a new CRS account. There isn't a way to self-register at this time.

Forgot Your Login Info?

The images below are for tutorial purposes only and do not link to the live site. Go to to retrieve your login information.

CRS forgot login
1) If you forget your login information, click the Forgot my Username/Password link

Your username for the Chapter Reporting System is the email address that Chapter Services has on file for you (submitted through your Chapter Leader Report). However, if you wish to retrieve your username, click the Forgot my Username/Password link below the login area at as shown in the image at right. On the next screen, type your email address into the upper text box and click the "Request Username" button. Then check your email inbox for a message containing your username.

If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot my Username/Password link below the login area at and enter your email address in the lower text box and click the "Request Password Reset" link. Check your email for a message with instructions for resetting your password.

CRS reset login
2) On the login retrieval page, obtain your username (top option) or reset your password (bottom option)

Still having trouble?

If the system does not recognize your email address, or if you don't yet have an account, contact Chapter Services at 1-800-542-2748.

Roster, Change Report, and Mailing Labels

Images are for tutorial purposes only and do not link to the live site. To access the Chapter Reporting System, go to

CRS membership nav
1) Select the Roster, Change Report & Mailing Labels link

Membership rosters, change reports and mailing labels are posted by C.O.B. on the third business day following the end of the month.

After logging into the Chapter Reporting System, mouse over the Membership tab. The dropdown menu will display two items:

  • Roster, Change Report, and Mailing Labels
  • Incentive Reports

After clicking the Roster, Change Report & Mailing Labels page, you will see three additional tabs on the next screen: Roster, Changes, and Mailing Labels.

Jump to instructions for:


The Roster contains all National Audubon Society members in the Chapter's territory who were current as of the end of the month prior to the "Date Posted" (e.g., if posted July 1, current as of June 30). Current members are those who have donated $20 or more to Audubon within the last twelve months as well as those whose membership has been expired for 6 months or less. Archived Rosters are also available for the previous 12 months. The current file is at the top of the list.

Chapters may use Roster information for engaging, serving, and soliciting their members via newsletters, annual appeals, email lists, phone trees, etc. However, the membership list belongs to Audubon and may not be shared or exchanged without permission from the National Audubon Society.

Please refer to the key to of roster and change report field names for an explanation of the information provided.

Change Report

The Change Report lists changes to the membership list that have occurred since the previous month's Roster was posted. New members will appear on the Change Report that was posted after the date Audubon processed their payment (Date Paid), not after the date their membership began (Start Date). 

Please refer to the key to of roster and change report field names for an explanation of the information provided.

Working with Roster and Change Report Pages

Both the Roster and Changes web pages are displayed and function in a similar manner. These are the steps to working with and creating exports for both sets of data:

CRS roster options
Click the Roster tab and select a month to display

SELECTING report month: Select a month to display from the dropdown menu. The data are current through the last day of the month shown (e.g., January 2013 rosters show membership data through 1/31/2013; and the change report will show changes made to the data during that period). Your Chapter's membership records may take up several pages--scroll to the bottom of the displayed page to find the list of pages to click through.



CRS sort
Click any field header 1x to sort in ascending order or 2x to sort in descending order

SORTING records: The default sort order of the displayed data is ascending by ACS ID (this differs from the old site, which was default-sorted by ZIP code). You can now sort the data by any one field by clicking on the field header (e.g., if you want to sort by Last Name, click on the Last Name field header).







CRS filtering
Type your search criteria below the relevant field header to filter the records

FILTERING records: The displayed data can be filtered according to criteria you enter in the white boxes below each field heading. For example, on the change report, if you want to display a report with only the new members, type Add in the white box below the Change Status header and the table will automatically filter to show only the members who are new since the previous month's roster was posted. You can filter based on multiple levels of criteria by typing those criteria into the filters on the other search fields. If you click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the filter box, you will be presented with a number of other filter options. For example, if you want to see all records except for the new members, type Add in the filter box below Change Status, then select "Doesn't contain" from the filter menu. All records except for the new member records will be displayed.

CRS download

EXPORTING to a file: To export your data as shown on the screen, select your download file format of choice and click to download the file. Keep in mind, if you have applied any filters during this session, they will be carried through to the export. If you want to set the file back to the default (i.e., all records displayed, sorted by ACS ID), click the link to clear the filters that appears in the first column with the # header (will only appear if a filter(s) has been applied).



Mailing Labels

The tool on the Mailing Labels page rapidly creates mailing labels for the current membership list and may be exported in a variety of formats. Please note: only the current month's full roster can be exported (with the exception of any omitted ACS IDs). Any filters applied on the roster page will not be applied to the labels.

CRS create labels

  1. Select either a 2- or 3-column label format (Avery 5162/8162 or Avery 5160/8160 labels, respectively)
  2. Select "Yes" if you would like to display "OR CURRENT RESIDENT" on the label, or "No" if not. Enter the ACS IDs of any members you wish to omit from the mailing list (e.g., individuals who have requested electronic-only versions of the Chapter newsletter). Separate multiple ACS IDs with commas.
  3. Click the Generate Mailing Labels button.

CRS export labels

Your labels will be created and a new toolbar appears. The most common export method is to save a PDF to your computer. The image at the right shows the appropriate icon to select for that option.

To ensure your labels print correctly, make the following adjustments to your Print Settings in Adobe Reader: Go to "File" --> "Print" on the Menu Bar, and the Print Dialog box will open. Set document scaling to "None" (your print dialog box may display options somewhat differently).

Other Resources

USPS Move Update Standards FAQ (for bulk sending mail)

Incentive Reports Page

Images are for tutorial purposes only and do not link to the live site. To access the Chapter Reporting System, go to

CRS - incentive payment dropdown

The second item in the Membership dropdown menu in the Chapter Reporting System is Incentive Reports. These reports show new National Audubon Society members recruited by the Chapter, the first year donation amount, and the date Audubon processed the payment. Chapters receive 100% of the first year donation for any new National Audubon Society member they recruit (read more about how to recruit and get credit for new members). The Membership Incentive Payments are directly deposited on a quarterly basis to your Chapter's checking account (generally in the month following the quarter--April, July, October, January) and the Incentive Reports are posted the same month. In order to assure that payments are received, please inform the Chapter Services Office of your Chapter's updated banking information for direct deposit (i.e. routing and checking account numbers).

CRS payment report
A sample quarterly membership incentive payment report

Payment Report Terminology

Note: Each payment report is named in the following format: ChapterCode-Year-Quarter_Incentives (e.g., N53-2013-Q1).

  • ACS # - Unique number used to identify each member.
  • Chapter - Chapter code - the unique, 3-digit code for your Chapter consisting of one letter followed by two numbers (find your Chapter's unique code on this list)
  • Date Paid - Date Audubon processed the membership payment
  • Dollars - The first year membership payment = amount credited to the recruiting Chapter
  • Name - Full name of the new member

Payment FAQs

What if a new member we recruited does not show up on the payment report?

In order for a new member's donation to be credited to the Chapter, prospective members must either join through the online Chapter member recruitment form or mail-in form containing the Chapter's code along with the membership source code. Chapter-recruited member payments cannot be processed by phone at this time.

It may also take several weeks for the membership form and payment to be processed. Depending upon when the information is processed, the member may not appear on the next incentive payment report, e.g., if the next report is July, they may not appear until the October report. In the interim between payment reports, you can check the monthly change reports to see if the member shows up in the last column as "Chapter Recruited". If a member is not listed on the reports after a reasonable period of time, please contact Membership Customer Service - (800) 274-4201.

What if your bank's deposit record doesn't match the Incentive Payment Reports?

Occasionally, multiple payments are combined in a single deposit, e.g., two incentive payments, or an incentive payment and the annual baseline payment or a Collaborative Funding payment. If you have questions about direct deposits from Audubon, please contact Chapter Services - (800) 542-2748.

Member Lookup Page

Aside from reviewing member data through the rosters and change reports on the Chapter Reporting System, you can look members up individually--and make changes to their information--through the Member Lookup page. You are provided with several options for looking up members with combinations of ACS ID, ZIP code, mailing address and/or email address.


Although each Chapter already serves the members in its territory, and National Audubon is always recruiting new members, Chapters are also encouraged to actively recruit members. This will continually infuse your Chapter programs and other activities with new life, provide funds to the Chapter, and will cultivate a larger and more diverse pool of potential Chapter leaders.

Recruitment Handbook

Incentive Payment Program

Through the Membership Incentive Payment Program, Chapters earn 100% of the first year's membership ($20 or more)--including any lapsed members* who rejoin after their expiration date--for any members recruited by the Chapter. It is critical that any membership form sent to National be coded properly and mailed (if a paper form is used) to the appropriate address to ensure that it will be processed correctly (details below).

Online form

Chapters can provide a link to the online membership recruitment form on their websites. The online membership form URL must be copied and pasted exactly as shown: In close proximity to the link, please provide instructions for people to select your Chapter's 3-digit code from the dropdown menu. If you don't know your Chapter's 3-digit code, find it here.

Suggested text for your website:

Click here to join Audubon and the [Chapter name] Audubon Society. Please select XXX as the Chapter code from the dropdown menu on the form.

Mail-in forms

Chapters can create their own forms, and Audubon also provides membership recruitment brochures that include sign-up forms. You must include the 2014 recruitment code--either by writing it on each form or affixing a label with the 8 digit code (C4Z _ _ _ 0Z) that incorporates your 3-digit Chapter code in the three blank spaces (Chapter code consists of one letter followed by two numbers; if you do not know your Chapter code, you can look it up on this list). If you are offering incentive items with membership, please use the specific item code.

Addresses for sending membership forms

If you are using a National Audubon Society membership recruitment brochure, please use the address provided on the tear-off postcard mailer, UNLESS you send one or more membership forms (NAS- or Chapter-created) with checks in a stamped envelope. In that case, please use the address below and be sure to include a letter listing each member's name, contact information, amount paid, and your Chapter code with the 8 digit code (C4Z _ _ _ 0Z) that incorporates your 3-digit Chapter code in the three blank spaces (Chapter code consists of one letter followed by two numbers; if you do not know your Chapter code, you can look it up on this list). Please keep a copy of the checks and the list of members with their information for your records.

National Audubon Society
P.O. Box 422250
Palm Coast, FL  32142-2250

Membership recruitment incentive payments and reports

Membership recruitment incentive payments are directly deposited to Chapter checking accounts in the month following the close of each quarter (April, July, October, January). The Incentive reports are posted to the Chapter Reporting System (CRS) on a similar schedule, generally on the first day of the month, or first business day after the beginning of the month, in April, July, October and January.

Questions about or changes to membership records

If you have questions about or changes to specific membership records, please contact Membership Customer Service at (800) 274-4201, and be sure to have the member's ACS ID handy. If you have multiple changes, or a more complex question that would be more appropriate for email, contact by email.

Questions about using the Chapter Reporting System ( should be directed to Chapter Services at (800) 542-2748.

Renewing Chapter Recruited Members

National Audubon Society has an extensive renewal program for all NAS members. In order to avoid confusion and the potential for multiple renewal responses resulting in duplicate memberships, Chapters are asked to please refrain from offering renewal services to any member, including those who were originally recruited by the Chapter. Unlike incentive funding for new Chapter recruited members, renewal payments are not provided to Chapters. For details about additional forms of financial support provided by NAS to Chapters as strategic partners in conservation and to help serve existing members, please see the Chapter Policy.


* Members are retained on the membership rosters for a full six months following their expiration date. If the Chapter recruits a lapsed member following that 6-month period, the member will be considered a "rejoin" and the Chapter will receive payment as described for Chapter membership recruitment above.

National membership forms

Online Membership Form

Chapter-recruited members can use a credit card to pay for their Audubon membership online and direct 100% of their initial donation to your Chapter through the Membership Incentive Payment Program. The online form is for recruiting new members only and may be linked from the Chapter's website.

Visitors to your site who follow the link will be taken to this secure membership page, where they can join Audubon and select the Chapter to receive credit for that recruitment. Very importantly, when you add the link to your Chapter website--in close proximity to the link--explain that they will need to select your Chapter's Code from the drop down menu next to "Chapter Code". This will allow Audubon to credit your Chapter. Chapter codes matched with the Chapter names are listed on the dropdown menu.

Copy and paste this URL into your website, and link it to an image or text that prompts the user to click to join audubon: As an option, you may download a copy of the Audubon logo, post it to your website, and link it to the new membership form. Near the image, please add some simple instructions, such as "Click here to join Audubon. Please enter ### as the Chapter code for Sample Audubon Society."

All new memberships will go directly to PCD to be processed within 24 hours, greatly increasing the speed with which members will receive benefits of membership and appear on your rosters. The new members and their membership payments will be included on your Chapter's quarterly membership incentive report and payments, just as they would be if the new member had sent a membership form by mail.

Mail-in Membership Forms

Audubon provides membership recruitment brochures free of charge, in sets of 50. To order, please contact Chapter Services at 800-542-2748 with your name, Chapter name or code, mailing address, and the number of brochures you would like. They will take anywhere from 1 - 3 weeks to arrive, so be sure to order them well in advance of your event. Alternatively, you can make copies of the membership form portion of the brochure with this PDF file.

The forms do not come pre-printed with your Chapter's membership source code. You must create labels or write or stamp the code onto the form in order for the Chapter to receive a Membership Incentive Payment. For 2014, that code is C4Z _ _ _ 0Z (insert your unique, 3-digit Chapter code in the blank spaces). This code should be placed in the "Official use only" area at the bottom of the form (see image at right).

If only sending only one form with the "please bill me" option checked, mail to the address that is pre-printed on the form. If sending one or more forms with checks enclosed in an envelope, please send to:

National Audubon Society
PO Box 422250
Palm Coast, FL 32142-2250

Chapter-created member forms

Chapters may create their own new member forms to recruit National Audubon Society members, to place in newsletters, websites or other publications. Please refer to the image at right and the items below to create your form.

Items that must be included

  • Lines for member name and address, at a minimum
  • Suggest a donation of $20 or more to join
  • The language "AUDUBON magazine is published 6 times per year. Your gift to Audubon is tax-deductible except for the amount allocated to AUDUBON magazine ($7.50) for a one year membership. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks to receive your first issue."
  • Your Chapter's 2013 membership recruitment code: C4Z _ _ _ 0Z (insert your unique, 3-digit Chapter code in the blank spaces) - please note that if you are providing a link on your website to the online recruitment form (, new members will select the Chapters 3-digit code from a drop-down menu.
  • A mailing address for the form--either your Chapter's address or the following Audubon address:

    National Audubon Society
    PO Box 422250
    Palm Coast, FL 32142-2250

  • Indicate that checks must be made payable to Audubon

Items that cannot be included

  • Multi-year payments, renewal options, rates less than $20

Optional items for inclusion

  • Lines for member phone and email contact information
  • A checkbox with this language adjacent, "Please do not share my contact information with other organizations"
  • "I would like to have National Audubon Society contact me to discuss: ____ planned giving   ____ paperless renewals    ____ giving a membership gift"
  • You may want to include Audubon's Membership Customer Service contact information either on the form or elsewhere in your publications: 800-274-4201 or email.


Chapters are encouraged to recruit members at an initial suggested donation of $20.00 or more. The full amount received for each Chapter-recruited membership is paid that Chapter on a quarterly basis, according to Audubon's Membership Incentive Program.

Audubon handles all membership renewals. Members may renew via mailed offers, online, or by phone (see below). Chapters are not encouraged to renew National members, as rates for renewal can vary greatly, depending on the cultivation strategy for each donor. Additionally, when the member donates via a particular Audubon offer, their donation can easily be tracked and attached to their membership record. However, if a member makes a payment to a Chapter to renew his/her membership, the check can be forwarded (along with the member's ACS ID and other contact information) to Palm Coast at the address below.

Instructions for linking your website to Audubon's online renewal form

Since Chapters do not receive funds for renewals, Audubon does not provide a special Chapter form as for new members. Please share the following methods for renewal with your members via the Chapter website and/or other publications:

  • Go to the Member Center (, look up your member profile, then click the "Renew Now" link in the right sidebar menu.
  • If you received a renewal offer by mail, you can pay by mail OR online by going to and entering the Account Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the renewal order form.
  • Contact Membership Customer Service at 800-274-4201 to pay by credit card or to set up automatic, paperless renewal.

If a member wishes to pass their renewal donation through the Chapter, a $35 donation is suggested. Some Chapters suggest a larger amount, retain a portion of the funding for the Chapter, and forward the balance to Audubon.

Chapters receive direct payment from Audubon for new members only, but it is a best practice to include your 3-digit Chapter code with the membership source code (C4Z_ _ _ 0Z) with every payment mailed. If the membership has lapsed (expired 6+ months), the Chapter will be paid for the "rejoin" as if it is a new member.

Send all member payments and information (i.e., member name and contact information) to:

National Audubon Society
PO Box 422250
Palm Coast, FL 32142-2250

Membership Services contact

General member information on the Web:

General membership questions (FAQ, membership benefits, update individual member contact information)

For questions regarding magazines, national mailings, premiums (calendars, tote bags, etc), address changes for national mailing, requests for removals from mailing lists - contact Palm Coast Data at:

National Audubon Society
P.O. Box 422250
Palm Coast, FL  32142-2250
(800) 274-4201

Be sure to include the member's ACS ID in order to expedite your request.

For questions about registering for and using the Chapter Reporting System to access Chapter member rosters, change reports, labels and membership incentive payment reports:

Lynn Tennefoss (VP) & Rebecca Richter (Program Associate)

Audubon Chapter Services
(800) 542-2748

Reporting Seasonal Address Changes

When members move between one location and another on a seasonal basis (snowbirds), they may not remember to contact Audubon about their preferences as to where to send their magazine or Chapter mail. If the member makes his/her preferences known to you, please contact Membership Customer Service, (800) 274-4201 or email, with the following:

Address 1 with effective start and stop dates

Address 2 with effective start and stop dates

Additionally, if a snowbird member is not "hard-coded" to your Chapter, they will automatically become a member of another Chapter (if one) during their time away from your Chapter's territory. If the member requests to be "hard-coded" to your Chapter, they will always appear on your membership roster even when they move outside of your Chapter's territory. Please let Membership Customer Service know if the member should be hard-coded to your Chapter.

Sending Mailings

We recommend (but do not require) that Chapters send a physical mailing to their membership at least twice a year, as not every member can be contacted by email. Mailing a colorful, inspiring annual report, invitation to an event, welcome letter to new members, or even a solicitation--such as an annual appeal or Birdathon donation request--can help reconnect you to your membership.

Please note that standard (bulk) mail must comply with USPS Move Update standards. Learn more about bulk mailing and the Move Update standards.