Bylaws are developed during the pending/incorporation phase of a Chapter. They are the rules that govern internal Chapter management and are written by the organization's founding directors. Because bylaws are legal documents, and because the inclusion requirements for them vary from state to state, you should consult a lawyer or other professional before adopting any bylaws. Bylaws cover topics such as how directors are elected, how meetings of directors are conducted, and what officers the organization will have and their duties. As the organization grows and changes, it may be necessary to convene the directors for an update of the bylaws in order to be certain that they continue to reflect the needs of the Chapter.

More info: "What are bylaws and why are they important?" by Board Source.

Please be sure to send a copy of your Chapter's bylaws to Chapter Services and keep that office apprised of any updates that are made to the document.


No language is required to be included in Chapter bylaws in order for your Chapter to remain a chartered Chapter of National Audubon Society. Instead, Chapters agree to abide by the Chapter Policy annually when certified and re-certified. Please refer to Sections B.3 in the Audubon Chapter Policy. 

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