Bylaws are developed during the pending/incorporation phase of a Chapter. They are the rules that govern internal Chapter management and are written by the organization's founding directors. Because bylaws are legal documents, and because the inclusion requirements for them vary from state to state, you should consult a lawyer or other professional before adopting any bylaws. Bylaws cover topics such as how directors are elected, how meetings of directors are conducted, and what officers the organization will have and their duties. As the organization grows and changes, it may be necessary to convene the directors for an update of the bylaws in order to be certain that they continue to reflect the needs of the Chapter.

Please be sure to send a copy of your Chapter's bylaws to Chapter Services and keep that office apprised of any updates that are made to the document.


One of the following two options must be included in your bylaws in order for your Chapter to remain a chartered Chapter of National Audubon Society. Please refer to Sections V. C., I.D. and V.D. relating to Chapter bylaws in the Audubon Chapter Policy. Please see also the Audubon Membership Policy.

EITHER Option One (two provisions)


This SOCIETY shall not enter into any commitments binding upon the NATIONAL SOCIETY without written authorization by the NATIONAL SOCIETY, nor shall the NATIONAL SOCIETY, without written authorization by this SOCIETY, enter into any commitments binding upon this SOCIETY.


This SOCIETY may terminate its status as a Chapter of the NATIONAL SOCIETY, and the NATIONAL SOCIETY may terminate the status of this SOCIETY as a Chapter of the NATIONAL SOCIETY, pursuant to procedures set forth in the 2001 Audubon Chapter Policy adopted by the NATIONAL SOCIETY'S Board of Directors on December 8, 2001.

OR Option Two (one provision)


The relationship between this SOCIETY and the NATIONAL SOCIETY shall be governed by the Chapter Policy




Section 1. Any person interested in the purposes and objectives of this SOCIETY is eligible to apply for membership.

Section 2. The classes of membership of this SOCIETY shall be the same as the classes of Membership maintained by the NATIONAL SOCIETY. All members of this SOCIETY must be members of the NATIONAL SOCIETY.

Section 3. The minimum membership dues shall be as established by the NATIONAL SOCIETY.

Section 4. All members of this SOCIETY shall enjoy at a minimum all the rights and privileges accorded to the members of the NATIONAL SOCIETY.


Regular meetings of members shall be held on the  _________ (1st Monday, 2nd Tuesday, etc.) of  ______ (each month Sept. through May, June, August or whenever), but such regular meetings shall be held not fewer than five times in any calendar year.

Board of Directors

There shall be at least five regular meetings of the Board of Directors in any one calendar year. The dates for the regular meeting shall be determined by the Board at its first regular meeting following the annual meeting of members.


This SOCIETY shall follow the National Audubon Society's Chapter Policy and fulfill the Required and Recommended Activities included in that Policy.


This SOCIETY shall have the following standing committees and such other standing and special committees as shall be determined by the Board of Directors:

Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee shall work on at least one major conservation or environmental project. The Committee may also lead or actively participate in a local conservation campaign and take an active role in supporting a major National Audubon Society campaign or other projects of the SOCIETY'S choice.

Education Committee

At a minimum, the Education Committee shall work to further the National Audubon Society's education goals locally while informing and educating the public about the natural environment.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for keeping the SOCIETY'S membership records (under the direction of the Membership Chair) and for promoting membership in the National Audubon Society through a local campaign to enroll new members and renew current members (under the direction of the Membership Promotion Chair).

Program Committee

The Program Committee shall coordinate a minimum of six open membership meetings each year.

Field Trip Committee

The Field Trip Committee shall offer at least four field trips each year.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee shall use newspapers, radio, TV and other publicity media, to publicize the purposes, aims and programs of the SOCIETY.

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee shall publish and mail a newsletter to every chapter member at least six times a year.

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