In recognition of the importance of Chapter work in achieving National Audubon Society goals and carrying out programs at the local, state and national levels, national staff and programs seek to provide resources and services to Chapters including the following:

  1. Support network of National Audubon Divisions and Programs (e.g., Chapter Services, State Programs, and National Conservation Programs including Education, Science, Policy)
  2. Financial support through Collaborative Funds, Baseline Funding, Membership Incentive Payments, TogetherGreen and Global Warming grants)
  3. Training and development of leadership, fund-raising, and recruitment skills;
  4. Membership recruitment, renewal and record keeping services, including assignment of members residing in the Chapter's territory and Web access to the Chapter's list of Audubon members
  5. Education support in the form of resource materials, program development, and center development and management, as available from the State Program or national staff;
  6. Advocacy support in the form of resource materials, national campaign development, and staff assistance as available from the State Program or national staff;
  7. Publications that establish a common Audubon identity and distribute information of interest to members and the public;
  8. Free access to GIS (mapping and spatial analysis) software;
  9. Technical assistance with online tools, reports, issues and programs that support Chapter efforts;
  10. Timely communications regarding current Audubon issues, programs and policies including Newswire, the monthly e-newsletter, and the National Audubon Society Annual Report;
  11. Review of and response to Chapter Annual Reports; and
  12. Eligibility to participate in the nomination of a member from its region to the National Audubon Society Board of Directors.

National Board-approved policies defining the relationship and role of Chapters and National Audubon Society

Audubon Chapter Policy
Ad Hoc Chapter Committee 2004
Improving Partnerships: Recommendations to Board from Ad Hoc Task Force, 5/05

Chapters' service to National Audubon Society

  • Birding & conservation opportunities for members at the local level
  • Advocacy on local, state and national conservation priorities
  • Annual report feedback to share activities and accomplishments
  • Ideas to share among Chapters and National programs
  • Data for various bird counts

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