Charles H. Callison Award

Bob and Nancy Dean
Hugh Simmons

Nancy and Bob Dean of Manatee Audubon Society, Callison Award Volunteer Awardees, 2015

The Charles H. Callison Award was established to give special recognition to an individual or group whose continued diligence has accomplished sound environmental legislative policy achievement at the local, state, or federal level. Nominees need to have achieved significant success in environmental policy, creativity, coalition-building, education and/or outreach. Two awards are presented, one in each category: Volunteer and Professional.

All are encouraged to nominate staff and volunteers for this prestigious recognition of significant accomplishments. This is a great way to recognize outstanding fellow staff, volunteer state or Center board members, Chapter leaders or very active, dedicated Audubon members. Deadline for nominations in 2015 is Wednesday, April 15. Awards will be presented at the Audubon Convention 2015 in July.

Category Descriptions

Professional: An individual on an Audubon payroll - national, state, council or Chapter.

Volunteer: An individual or a group volunteering time for Audubon.


A nominee need not pass each criterion nor even the majority. These are not listed in any priority order.

    • Significant contributions to the development or implementation of Audubon's strategic conservation priorities
    • Distinctive achievement of conservation results at the local, state, flyway and/or international level, through policy, education, citizen science, restoration and engagement.
    • Successful engagement of traditional and non-traditional audiences to meet conservation goals.
    • Builder of coalitions through cooperating with other groups and organizations to achieve common environmental goals.
    • Outreach to bring others into common consensus.
    • Creativity in using the always-limited resources available.
    • Perseverance, patience and a positive attitude recognizing that progress takes time.
    • Generosity with time, commitment and talent to support the Audubon network and further Audubon's mission.
    • Perspective spiced with humor, recognizing that we are but mortals with limited time and a capacity to do good


Please send nominations of no more than 2 pages addressing the nominee's accomplishments under any of the above criteria via email no later than April 15 to Lynn Tennefoss, VP of State Programs and Chapter Services.

Past Callison Award Winners


1994    Dave Cline                              

1995    Jim Cunningham (awarded 1996)         

1996    Jesse Grantham and Charles Lee          

1997    David Henderson (awarded 1998)

1998    Pat Waak                                

2000    Ed Carlson

2001    Glenn Olson (awarded 2002)

2002    Norm Brunswig           

2003    Dr. William (Bill) Branan (awarded 2004)

2004    Lynn Tennefoss

2005    Stan Senner

2006    Tom Baptist and David Miller

2007    Diana King

2008    Eric Draper     

2009    Chris Canfield

2010    Mike Daulton

2011    Les Corey

2012    Dan Taylor

2013    Walker Golder

2014    Stephen W. Kress


1994    Joyce Wolf

1995    Grace Pierce Beck, Delaware Audubon Society (awarded 1996)          

1996    Jess Morton, Palos Verde Audubon Society

1997    Tom and Eleanor Wootten, Mesilla Valley Audubon Society (awarded 1998)

1998    Dr. Gary Pearson, Dakota Prairie Audubon Society

2000    Anita Randolph, River Bluffs Audubon Society and Missouri Audubon Council

2001    Polly Reetz, Audubon Society of Greater Denver (awarded 2002)

2002    Bryan Dixon, Bridgerland Audubon Society     

2003    Camille Broderick, Audubon Greenwich (awarded 2004)

2004    Dr. Marcy Brown-Marsden, Audubon Dallas

2005    Warren King, Otter Creek Audubon Society and Audubon Vermont

2006    Benjamin Olewine, IV, Audubon Connecticut and Audubon Pennsylvania

2007    Helen Engle, Tahoma Audubon Society and Audubon Washington, and Margery Nicholson, Audubon California, Audubon Alaska and National Audubon Society

2008    Dr. Paul A. Johnsgard, Audubon Nebraska

2009    S. Joyce King, Santa Fe Audubon Society, St. Petersburg Audubon Society and Audubon of Florida

2010    Margaret Copeland, Audubon Mississippi

2011    Richard Baker, Pelican Island Audubon Society, Florida

2012    Tom Jervis, Sangre de Cristo Audubon Society and Audubon New Mexico

2013    Lowell Young, Yosemite Area Audubon Society

2014    Bob and Nancy Dean, Manatee Audubon Society