Audubon Adventures
Audubon's environmental education program about the natural world and how to protect it can be implemented in any classroom or after-school program. Audubon Adventures gives teachers many ways to help students meet required educational performance and content standards in science and language arts. Audubon Adventures fosters in children a stewardship ethic to last a lifetime. Learn more

Tips for Bringing Nature into the Classroom

Tips for Teaching Outdoors

Chapter Youth Outreach

Christmas Bird Counts for Kids
Every year for over a century, Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs) have been organized across the Western Hemisphere through Audubon, mainly for adults. Because families with young kids have not always felt invited, Sonoma Birding created the CBC 4 Kids - a stand-alone half day event instilling some of the important basic ingredients of this grand tradition. The objective is to have fun and potentially create a hometown team of birders and conservationists for the future while encouraging families to enjoy and respect nature together. It only takes 2-3 teams to get started. Target a date between the 2nd weekend in December and  the 3rd weekend in January. It is a wonderfully simple, healthy, holiday celebration for almost any school, youth group, Audubon Chapter or nature center, wildlife refuge or local community. Read more about it on their website and the AUDUBON magazine blog. Contact Tom Rusert for more details. 

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Getting Kids Involved

Environment for the Americas / International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD)
IMBD celebrates and brings attention to bird migration in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Environment for the Americas develops many educational and promotional materials related to each year's theme. Learn more about IMBD, see their plethora of free resources and browse the resource directory.

Flying WILD

A program of the Council for Environmental Education that inspires young people to discover more about the natural world through learning about migratory birds. The instructional materials are adapted to support state and national science education standards and assessment criteria for middle school grades. Their Additional Resources page offers many downloadable PDFs of kids' activities.

Project Learning Tree
PLT uses the forest as a "window" on the world to increase students' understanding of our environment; stimulate students' critical and creative thinking; develop students' ability to make informed decisions on environmental issues; and instill in students the commitment to take responsible action on behalf of the environment. The website has many downloadable teaching resources.

Wisconsin Bird Monitoring Kit for Educators
The Bird Monitoring Kit, put together by the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative, introduces students to birds and birding and builds their nature observation skills. The kit includes:

  • 15 pairs binoculars
  • 1 spotting scope with tripod
  • 5 field guides
  • Posters
  • 1 bird placemat
  • 1 CD of common birds found in Wisconsin
  • 1 Educator's guide