What is Move Update?

Move Update involves the periodic matching of a mailer's address records with Postal Service customer-filed change-of-address orders, and is used to reduce the number of mail pieces that require forwarding or return due to incorrect addresses. Non-profits using bulk mail must certify on the postage statement submitted with each mailing that the address on each mail piece has been updated within the previous 95 days. If it is the first time the Chapter has gone through an address update process, a pre-mailing method method must be used. A pre-mailing method must also be used if it is been more than 95 days since the addresses have been updated. Otherwise, a post-mailing method may be used.

Can Audubon provide Chapters with a Certification of Move Update Compliance for the addresses on monthly Chapter membership rosters or mailing labels?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Audubon to provide that certification. Once the roster or mailing labels are downloaded from the Chapter Reporting System website, Audubon no longer retains control of the membership list. The mailing method must be certified by the owner of the mailing (i.e. the Chapter).

How can a Chapter comply with the new Move Update standards?

There are several different ways to comply with the USPS bulk mail Move Update requirements. You can read more on these methods at https://ribbs.usps.gov/index.cfm?page=moveupdate.

Alternatively, one can bypass the Move Update standard, and avoid any fees, by including "OR CURRENT RESIDENT" or "OR CURRENT OCCUPANT" on the address. However, if the resident or business has moved, that mail piece will not be forwarded or returned to the Post Office. Read more at http://bulkmail.info/moveupdate.html.

How much does Move Update cost?

Cost varies depending on the method you choose for updating addresses. If you need to do a pre-mailing, please contact one of your local mailing houses (i.e., direct mail services). As of fall 2011, it cost about $25 to update 1,000 addresses. Ancillary service endorsements have small fees associated for each mailpiece, for example, the "return service requested" endorsement will cost first-class stamp postage for USPS to return the mailpiece to you with either an address update or an explanation of a bad address, and if you choose to resend the maipiece to the member, it will cost you first-class postage.



Pre-mailing is when you perform Move Update processing on your address list before you mail. Contact your local mailing house (i.e., direct mail service) for more information.

Post-mailing is when you mail to the existing addresses that you have on file and, after the mailing, the Postal Service will notify you about the new addresses of any customers who have moved.