Chapter Policy 2014

Varied Thrush

Varied Thrush (Jimmy S. Greene)

 Audubon Chapter Policy

The Audubon Chapter Policy governs the relationship between National Audubon Society and all 465 Audubon Chapters. Over more than a year and a half, Chapter and national leaders worked to revise and update the Audubon Chapter Policy, and the National Audubon Society Board of Directors approved the new Chapter Policy at the May 2014 Board Meeting.

The new policy is attached below in both PDF and Word versions. Please contact Lynn Tennefoss with any questions.

Links to relevant NAS policies included in Appendix B follow for those using the PDF version of the Chapter Policy:

  1. Guide to Starting A Chapter in Your Community
  2. Chapter Territory Assignments and Changes
  3. Procedures for Election of Regional Directors to the National Audubon Board of Directors
  4. Membership Policy
  5. Logo Use Guidelines