Restoration work at nature preserve

Propagating cuttings
Photo by Sasha Honig

A volunteer from Kern Audubon Society (Bakersfield, CA) propagates cuttings for restoration projects at Panorama Vista Preserve.

Kern Audubon Society (Bakersfield, CA) has adopted Panorama Vista Preserve--a privately-owned 6,000+ acre parcel located within the urban area of Bakersfield, a city of over 330,000 people in the southern portion of the Central Valley of California. Thanks to the efforts of many, the land is now held in trust for the public by a non-profit entity, which works to promote the preservation and scientific understanding of its natural resources, the educational benefits, and appropriate recreational uses which are consistent with the Preserve's identity as a natural area. 

Prior to its preservation, the natural vegetation of the area had suffered the effects of oil production and damming of the Kern River. Kern Audubon Society has donated $700 to the Preserve's restoration efforts, and Chapter volunteers plant, weed, propagate cuttings, and do general maintenance at the Preserve on a monthly basis. Over 1,000 plants were planted in 2010, and 6,000 more plantings are projected for the future. With species ranging from native sycamores and valley oaks to willows and blackberries, the area will become prime bird habitat and a recreation area for a variety of low-impact activities, from hiking and equestrian use to bird watching.