Most Chapters use email for communications among leaders or to members as it is quick, easy and conserves resources. A few things to note:

  • Be wary of including email addresses on the Web, as they can be vectors for spam email. Never post anyone's email address or other personal information on the Web without their written consent.
  • When sending to a list of recipients, you may want to use the blind carbon copy, or BCC, field for email addresses. Addresses in the BCC field will not be seen by recipients of the email message, as opposed to using the using the "To" or "CC" (carbon copy) fields. Apply similar caution in forwarding or replying to messages that contain recipient emails by deleting email addresses from the body of your message. Including email addresses in messages makes them more available to potential spammers.
  • Write targeted, clear, concise and constructive email messages, and be mindful of the frequency of emails sent to members. People may also become overwhelmed if messages are lengthy, overly detailed and poorly organized.