What is a Chapter?

Red Knots
Photo by Terry Jennings

Red Knots

"Chapters enable Audubon members and others to meet and share an appreciation of their common interests, creating a culture of conservation in their community through education and advocacy focusing on the conservation and restoration of birds, other wildlife and their habitats....[Each] Chapter is an organization of Audubon members that is chartered and annually re-certified by National to function in a designated geographic area." - from the Audubon Chapter Policy

Chapters are encouraged to identify themselves in print or on the Web as "<XYZ> Audubon Society, a Chapter of National Audubon Society, Inc."--accompanied by National Audubon Society's logo--to distinguish themselves from other birding and conservation groups that are not certified by Audubon. For more details, see the Logo Use Guidelines.

Audubon supports its Chapters through:

  • Access to all Audubon members in the Chapter's territory
  • A network of National Audubon Divisions and Programs
  • Chapter Services phone and email support
  • Funding for projects and general operations
  • Leadership training
  • Membership services
  • Education resources
  • Advocacy support
  • Timely conservation news & science reports
  • Technical assistance for Web-based reports and related tools
  • Voting eligibility in regional director elections

In turn, Chapters provide Audubon and Audubon members:

  • Birding, education & conservation opportunities for members at the local level
  • Advocacy on local, state and national conservation priorities
  • Annual report feedback on activities and accomplishments
  • Innovative ideas to share among Chapters and National programs
  • Data for various bird counts

Read more about the National Audubon Society-Chapter relationship and the Chapter Policy that guides it.

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